Drupal Search has a great ecosystem of modules to integrate with technologies such as Solr. However, it needs more vision and direction to grow and be a great platform where other developers feel comfortable with and are able to make the right decisions. Also

I recently bought a Synology 212J to store all my pictures on, and of course also to play with. I always had some crappy tiny non-modifyable NAS/Media Center solution that I really hated. cough Plextor cough

Run this at midnight and you will have all the slow queries in the slow_query.log file

We all love test and staging environments but it becomes a problem when you have Solr integrated in your project and you have a test solr, a staging solr and a production solr core. To re-index a site is not a big problem, but what if you want to go live and switch indexes immediately?

Drupal.org has wrestled with this problem. So I wanted to show you how they do it.

Create three Solr cores - mysite_core1 (will be used for tests) - mysite_core2 (will be used for staging initially) - mysite_core3 (will be used for production initially)

Recently I've been involved in drupal.org by upgrading the site to the latest version of Apache Solr Search Integration (from 6.x-1.x to 6.x-3.x, and in the near future to 7.x-1.x). This upgrade path is necessary as we still want to have a unified search capability across Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites, for example groups.drupal.org and drupal.org.