This document is written after many many frustrating days and nights with accountants, our own payroll provider and even the government. I'll try to explain what the situation is in Belgium and how you can decide for yourselves between 3 options how you want to get taxed. I'll also include examples for all those options + sources where I get my bat-shit crazy ideas from. Included is a diagram to clarify certain paths you can take and a letter you can use as a template to send to your employer if you want to take advantage of the lowered tax rates.

When I was porting Mollom to drupal 8 I noticed that when I did a hook_form_alter, it wasn't showing the comment form ID as debug information. An important detail is that the page was viewed by an anonymous user.


function mollom_form_alter(&$form, \Drupal\Core\Form\FormStateInterface $form_state, $form_id) {

Luckily the solution was quite easy:

The problem

Search is a hard problem, it really is. Let me show this by using an example of a food chain that wants to add Drupal as their homepage of the whole chain. Of course, like many other organisations they do not only have Drupal running but also a subset of other web frameworks open and closed source systems.

We had another Drupal Search and Solr office hours. This time mkalkbrenner came to us with a list of issues that he really wanted to see resolved as he already applied them in production.

His use case was a (pay attention!) Drupal site with the following features

In analogy to the article of the site, I'll try to give you a tutorial on how to run Drupal on HHVM

Installing HHVM

For the sake of this case-study, I used a Vagrant Ubuntu “Precise” 12.04 as my linux distribution. Also, to not screw up my local development machine, I'll be using disposable virtual boxes.

Installing VirtualBox Download and install the appropriate version of VirtualBox for your machine