About Me

Hi there,

My name is Nick Veenhof and I am currently employed at Acquia as Lead Search Engineer. You can easily find more about me by googling Nick Veenhof or my nickname Nick_vh. Before my job at Acquia I obtained a Master in Information and Technology in Barcelona, Spain - which I must say is a wonderful city!

I'm also advocating Open Source and especially the Open Source project Drupal. This software crossed my path during my Bachelor at KaHo Sint Lieven and got really a part of my career when I started to use it for professional purposes in several Drupal-focussed development shops.

Currently I am working at Acquia where I am a proud member of the Search Team there. I helped in the renewal of the Apache Solr project and supporting the feature requests of people such as multiple search environments, new UI, code cleanup, load testing, etc... At Acquia we have a bunch of clients that actively use Apache Solr as their search backend so our goal is to help these clients to get better in what they do. We are constantly improving our search infrastructure to be bigger, better and easier to use and modify for our clients.

I'm also active in the Drupal community as you can see in my drupal.org profile and I try to help people online with their first steps in the Search space by the means of giving online support on IRC (#drupal-apachesolr on irc.freenode.net).